Natural Calamity and Corporate Sector

By Dr Arvind Kumar

Natural calamitities like cloudburst, earthquake, tsunami, cyclone and floods catch us unaware and wreak havoc in terms of causing immense loss of human lives and destruction of property. As and when such calamities visit us, the people suffer and government is called upon to provide relief. The corporate sector wakes up to the tragedy very late as has happened in the case of recent Leh tragedy and current floods in some states. Every other corporate house today owns a private plane and one can expect them to send relief in bulk to help the tragedy-stricken or flood hit areas.
However, only the Government or cash-strapped civil societies are left to provide food, clothing, medicine and shelter to the victims. The corporate houses spend millions of rupees in sponsoring entertainment programmes to evade tax and get publicity but lag behind in humanitarian work. Isn’t it against the letter and spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility?

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  1. Rashmi D Rana

    It is indeed very much against the letter and spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). It has occurred to me several times that "Are we really not a Philanthropic Society?" If yes then why don't we step up and force our own corporate sector to act in a more effective and efficient manner. I am not blaming them as I am well aware that the sector plays a big role in our nation's development. But my only request to them is to provide a little more because their little is quite a bit for the needy.


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