Save Yamuna: Flower waste turned into items for havan

downloadNEW DELHI: In a bid to keep the Yamuna clean, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation got a waste-processing machine installed at Nigambodh Ghat, which is now preventing up to 5 tonnes of flower waste from entering the river every day.
Funded by the MPLAD funds of science and technology minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, the machine was installed by Clean India Ventures, a private company, in April. Officials said it has already prevented nearly 50 tonnes of flower waste from entering the river. They said they have plans to install more such machines in future.

The machine, which is called green waste reprocessor, turns the flower waste into compostwhich is currently being used as ‘havan saamagri’ at the crematorium. “It has been now more than three months since we installed the machine at Nigambodh Ghat and so far we have reprocessed more than 50-60 tonnes of flower waste and converted it into compost, which otherwise, would have been thrown into the Yamuna. We aim to use this installation as a model project so that we can replicate it and install it at other places on the sides of the river,” said Alok Gupta, director of Clean India Ventures.

Gupta said that the machine is expected to save upto 200 tonnes on an annual basis and can even be used to process organic waste in the area, providing an easier way to make compost for RWAs and hotels as well.

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