NGT asks states to be vigilant about crop burning

punjab-stubble-buring-759In a hearing on an ongoing case in the National Green Tribunal (NGT) based on prevention and abolition of crop burning, a principal bench of the Tribunal headed by Justice Swatanter Kumar has asked all states to take strict action for compliance with a December 2015 order where the court had imposed a ban oncrop burning across India.

The December 2015 order issued by NGT was based on the appeal of Greater Noida based environmentalist, Vikrant Tongad versus Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) where it had imposed a ban on burning of crop residues across India and particularly in states of Haryana, UP, Punjab and Rajasthan.

With strict regulations imposed at present on crop burning, farmers are liable to pay fines depending upon the area which they may have set on fire. Burning of crop residues and stalks after harvest is a traditional method of cleaning a field practiced by farmers. The fumes rising from this burning is considered highly toxic and carcinogenic. The court has asked 21 farmers from Punjab to be present in a hearing on October 13.

“The court took a hard stance today against those states which are failing to comply with the order of ban. However at the same time, the court has also directed the states to safeguard the interests of the farmers as they should not suffer losses because of the compliance. The entire initiative is to make the farmers aware of the environmental damage created by crop burning+ ,” Tongad said.

Farmers in Greater Noida have meanwhile started an awareness campaign among the community to spread environmental literacy among farmers to stop burning leftovers after harvest and start making manure with the same.

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