K.P.Shashidharan, Whispering Mind, New Delhi: Stering Publishers, 2010, pp. 319

Whispering Mind is an anthology of poems for all who love life; like to live in love; believing in exploring and discovering the latent energy in them; and linking with the supreme energy vibes of the universe. The author’s  poetic mind has minutely observed the surrounding ambience and its reflection is mirrored by these poems on self help, travelogue, green poems, life stories, fables, social themes, life principles, fiction, mantra, tantra, mysticism, spirituality. The variety of subjects like shades of life, love, bliss; encapsulating life principles and ideas may appeal to every group of people. Those who believe in celebrating joyful moments like Honey Moon, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birth Day, Marriage Anniversary etc.
Undeniably, only belief in the inner energy, its connection with the supreme power in the universe may console the soul of those who feel depressed, hungry for love or face tragedies in life. Mind’s potential in creating catastrophic scenes is immeasurable. The human happiness gets deprived by misplaced anxieties and unwarranted worries. If we listen to and train the mind like a mind gymnast, negative feelings can be converted for healing the wounded soul.
With a convincing effect, the anthology reveals a story of the energy vibes: Shakti and Shiva or Yin and Yang. Yin or Shakti is a metaphor for dynamic energy and Yang or Shiva, a metaphor for static form of cosmic energy. Some of the poems give further thoughts on worship of mother goddess, the cosmic womb, centrifugal and centripetal forces in the cosmic energy.
The poems are divided into three themes. Poems under first theme present a spctrum of life taking the reader for a virtual tour of different continents, especially to the life patterns in New York and elsewhere in the West. There is a linking central idea running across all the poems in the book help enjoying life as it comes and enjoying living while striving to improve and learn from experiences.
The poems forming part of second theme present diverse colours of rainbow of life mirroring intense innate feelings experienced by heart, mind, and spirit.  These poems take reader’s mind to the heights of sublime experiences of human relationship, genuine selfless feelings and emotions of falling in love, being loved and loving, encompassing wide hues of love, pain, anguish, agony, anxiety, sorrow of separation, loneliness, insecurity and uncertainty of life. There are poems on games, music, religion, fragrance and shades of love.
The poems incorporated in theme three are a journey to awareness, enlightenment and bliss.  These poems exhibit the existential riddle between destiny versus determinism taking to the very beginning of the journey of life and move towards, taming of the mind, cleansing of the mind, awareness, enlightenment and infinite bliss.
The book essentially envisages fundamental tenets of life derived from Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Christianity, and are flavoured with Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra. Practising these philosophical tenets in the right way can be helpful in developing beautiful mind, self, soul and body.

Presented in good prose and easy to comprehend meaningful verses, the book makes a delightful reading of the poetry prose hybrid style of presenting knowledge, wisdom and essential tenets of the philosophy of life, with an underlying theme of bringing joy of living. The laudable comments by leading personalities from different walks of life on the book is a sure sign of book’s growing intellectual worthiness for which the author has laboured hard.

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