It has been observed that some vested commercial-minded organizations take the rich and affluent segments of the society for a ride by staging so-called Rain-Dance shows for spinning quick money by offering fun and pleasure in the name of culture. Organizing such shows under artificial rain results in sheer wastage of precious water and amounts to crime against the water-starved society. Almost all parts of India in general and Metropolitans in particular are adversely water-affected areas where level of ground water has gone down too low and drinking water supply is so acute. Thus organizing such artificial rain festivals in those areas is prone to culminate in the wastage of millions of gallons of precious water just for fun for few hours.
We strongly disapprove of such extravaganza in the name of culture. On the contrary, the local people should be imparted training in rainwater harvesting so that water is preserved and conserved for meeting the shortage. Such functions can be organized whenever there is natural rainfall and there also the people should be taught about developing the habit of preservation and conservation of water.
The concerned local authorities should not allow staging such shows and take precaution that water is not wasted in the name of festivals or culture. India is already faced with acute shortage of drinking water. The underground water reserves are depleting at the phenomenal rate. Surface water, particularly the rivers are heavily polluted. All these developments point to a grim situation in the coming years particularly during the summer.
It devoles on the authorities as well as on the citizenry to hed the alarming bell and start developing the habit of judicious use of water, water conservation, keep the underground and surface water resources free from pollution and cultivate the haib of rainwater harvesting.
We had inherited a rich legacy of abundant water and then India was a water-surplus nation but what we are leaving as a legacy for the posteriety is pollution, global warming and India as a water-deficit nation. Is it worthwhile? Let’s heed call of nature and save water.

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  1. Anonymous

    Waste of water in public functions should be punishable as cutting trees. Both are savior of mankind.
    Very good initiative. Best wishes & regards …

    Prof. Om Vikas
    C-15 Tarang Apartments,
    19 IP Extension, Delhi – 110092

  2. Anonymous

    At the rate and magnitude that we are failing the future I feel ashamed to have fathered a child. The future could have the ingenuity to deal with scarcity but this irresponsible society of ours is making things difficult.

    Words are not enough to realise that the future lies in conservation.
    Shankar Narayan

  3. Anonymous

    Dr. Tyagi,
    A very thoughtful observation and absolutely such events should be discouraged. Hopefully some media picks this up to have the max effect.


  4. Anonymous

    well said sir.
    instead all these people who pay for these rain dances , if they put this time , energy and money in planting trees there would be enough rain to make us all dance.

    rgds……….. nitin


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