About Us

Welcome to Focus Global Reporter

We feel immense pleasure in introducing the current issue of the FOCUS GLOBAL REPORTER, a monthly online journal of news and views in a new revised format. It intends to cater to the wide-ranging interests of our valuable readers by providing them crispy brief summaries of the leading news/views about India and the world along with in-depth analytical articles on current topics encompassing Indian as well as global perspectives. The front page of this newly-formatted issue makes discernible various headings which will carry variety of topics useful for the vast array of netizens who have penchant for news and views. The vividness in content and analysis has been the USP of this magazine which draws on the literary genius and vast reservoir of experience of the experts in different fields.

Undoubtedly, the number of online journal is witnessing a mushroom growth and the rationale of another journal needs some explanation to satiate the queries of our esteemed Internet savvy readers and navigators. Most of the existing online as well as printed journals/magazines cater to specific fields and tastes for the targeted audience thereby leaving an abyss for a magazine that can cater to a vast group of the audience where everyone can find something of one’s interest.

The FOCUS GLOBAL REPORTER has been launched with this broad objective in view. It encompasses a vast assortment of subjects like national and international news & views, sustainable development, sustainable development goals (SDGs) recently adopted by the UN General Assembly, climate change, water, energy and food security, astrology, health, environment, sports, public sector – private sector; money and banking, familial and social issues, public grievances, defence, foreign policy, diplomacy, peace and conflict management, disarmament and nuclear issues, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), development etc.

This magazine intends to serve as a link between the audience and the policy-makers. It is a platform for the people to air their grievances to elicit the attention of the policy-makers for the redress of those grievances. It also affords an opportunity for the executive to feel the pulse of the public and respond accordingly.

Thus, it has assumed unto itself a challenging role that can be accomplished by your benign cooperation and good wishes.

This magazine is published by Worldwide Water Future Pvt. Ltd., a company which looks after water and climate change related issues nationally and globally.